JC Web Concepts

Coding Update

I thought I would give an update on what is going on with me learning how to code. My resume has been getting beefed up. So now what I comfortably know how to program in is the following:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

I have tried to learn JavaScript but I am not comfortable to put that on the list. I also have messed with Action Script. I am working on getting Ajax on the list. I can do some minor stuff with it but not yet comfortable with putting that on the list. After Ajax since that is needed to know for work purposes, I was looking to finish doing Java. I have a fellow church member who codes Java for a living and what he has talked about has gotten me excited to learn that. I would like to learn a GUI programming language so I can make cross platform applications. Well as always if you have some tips or tricks for me to help me on my journey I would love to hear them.

Multiple Programming Languages

Have you ever had to learn multiple programming languages are once? I am not talking about HTML and CSS at the same time. I am talking about lets say PHP and AJAX. Well I have too and let me tell you it is tough. Now I do have a grasp on PHP where I am in the advance level. But still it is hard. Now I am really not a fan of the JavaScript language. I cannot understand the concept. I have tried and I have read multiple books but I just cannot get JavaScript. Does anyone have any tips for me? Can someone help me with this task? If can thank you very much.


So I decided to look at Apple Scripting and I will tell you it is not that bad. I still have to kind the site that has all the built-in keywords but it works. Let me show you a little script I made that will prompt you to type in a PHP function name(mysql_connect) and it will open up your browser and take you to the PHP page with that function

set phpFunction to ""
  set phpFunction to text returned of (display dialog "Which PHP Function do you want to look up?" default answer "echo")
end try
open location "http://www.php.net/" & phpFunction
end run

Let me explain what is going on here. The set phpfunction is creating a variable that will hold the text. Display dialog is setting up a prompt Window. The dialog has 2 parts. First part is what is text is going to display in the box. The second part is if you wanted some default text in the text box where the user would type in. The open location is telling it to open your web browser. The phpfunction is adding the function you typed in the box to the URL string. And that is it for some Apple Script.


Etherpad is an application that is based off java that allows multiple people at the same time to update multiple documents. Now I realize you might be thinking google docs does something like this. It is close but it is not the same. There is a delay in time that it updates on other persons screen. Also there is no support for syntax highlighting for web development.

It is a free service and they offer a paid solution if you want to host it on your internal network. My company I work for just bought some user licenses for it. So bookmark that link cause if you need to show someone else a document and be able to edit it at the same time, then etherpad is your solution.

New Programming Language

So I have been thinking that it may be time for me to learn another programming language. I have thought for some time now and since I have switched to Mac I think it might be cool to program apps for it. I know what would I program? What would I get from learning it. Then I though what about Linux applications. I work in an environment that uses Linux computers. My knowledge of GUI programming is very slim. I took VB a long time ago. Lastly I thought about iPhone programming. The only issue here is that I would have to apply and pay for a developers kit and hope Apple would give it to me.

So this is what I ponder. What will I do. Do you guys have any thoughts?


At work today a colleague and I were talking about software for web development. He then asked me about an application called Aptana . I have heard about and tried it in the past. In the past I did not like it. I felt that it was too heavy for me at the time. I should explain back when I tried this I just did HTML work and nothing else. Now I do things like XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, BASH, and Flash. So now this IDE suite is something that I could really use.

Basically if you are a type that hits many programming languages this app is for you. If you have multiple websites that you manage then this app would be for you. They make many plugins for this suite that it is well worth it. Now before I started to use this I was a hugh fan of Adobe Dreamweaver . If anyone would try to tell me different I would tell them that they are nuts.
Now an app like Dreamweaver costs around $350.00 USD. Aptana is free but you can buy the professional version which gives you some more advance features. That would cost you $99.99 USD. I will give Aptana credit cause they do not cripple the free version like some others do. This app will run in Mac, Linux, and Windows. In the next day or two I am planning on making a tutorial on this app to give you a tour of it.