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Upcoming WoW Site

I am starting to develop my own World Of Warcraft website. You are probably asking me why am I doing this? Well when I was playing it was hard to find help about the game. I am not talking about how to solve a particular quest or raid. I am talking about how to make a particular build of a Paladin or a Mage. I want to share how you are suppose to dress your character. So I will post again on this when the skeleton site is up. If you have an recommendations please leave a comment.


So I was thinking the other day about how I have not gotten a new PS3 game lately. I went onto EB Games to see some cool games but they are $59.99. Now the game might be worth it but I am unsure. So I go and fire up the Playstation store and download the demo. Some demos are long while others are not. So then I say ok let me go to the local Blockbuster and rent the game. So after giving them almost $10.00 I have the full game for about 5 days. Now when I was a kid this was not bad cause I had no life. LOL. I have a family so I can only play after they go to bed. So when the game gets good I have to return it or pay a fee. It is frustrating.

So I decided to sign up for a service called Gamefly . They are like NetFlix but for games. So after the trial period it is $15.95 a month for the cheapest plan. You get the game and you keep it as long as you want. No worry about I have to stay up all night to play a game. Some games if you like them a lot you can buy that game for a reduced price then you pay from the game store. They have games for all the consoles, PS3, PS2, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS, etc… The only con I think I will run into is the more popular games might be hard to get, but heck even at a rental store you run into this problem. So I recommend signing up.

Madden 2010 Demo Reviewed

Well I just finished playing my first game of Madden 2010. I was shocked cause I thought the gang tackling would have happened all the time. The animations of the crowd got a little boring. I like that when a player fumbled you have to hit the keys to fight for the ball. I thought the defense was a little difficult. I am glad about that. They really slowed the game down which is ok I guess. One of the things I did not like was players were breaking tackles they were not capable of. Hope that gets fixed. One of the best things I like is the QB throwing motion. If you wait too long your arm might get batted or a sack. Tackling is awesome except the break tackle but other wise it is great. As of now I give this game an A grade.

NCAA 2010 Demo

So the other day I downloaded the demo of NCAA 2010 for the Playstation 3. Now I have not played a college football game in a very long time. I never liked that there was no player names. I realize that this is due to having to pay players for rights of the name. So enough of this lets get to the review. Basically with the demo they give you 4 quarters with 2 minutes each to either play as Florida or Oklahoma. When you start the game and you do the coin toss your are presented with an option on how you want to play. What I mean is you get to specify the type of call playing you are going to do for the series. The options you can choose from is aggressive, balanced, or conservative. You are prompted at the beginning of your series on offense or after a timeout is called. I think that this feature has changed the way to use timeouts. I remember for the longest time that all I used timeouts for was to stop the clock. Well I now have a different reason. My gameplan does not work and it needs to change. I like the assortment of plays to choose from. I think they are different from when you play a game like Madden. the gameplay is very evened out. It is not too hard to run or pass but it is not easy either. Defense is not too hard. It is not easy to intercept but man you can strip the ball very well. So lets get to the downfall of the game. You cannot intercept the ball. I mean even college guys who get the ball right in there hand intercept the ball. The crowd looks like a Nintendo crowd. EA really needs to get with that and fix it. The auto play calling, calls the same plays over and over again. There needs to be diversity here. Other than that it is a good college football game.

Done With World of Warcraft

That is it. I am just dam tired of this game. I just went to WoW site and cancelled my service. Now this is not for the money. Please $15 USD is fine. What gets me is the time you have to invest in this game. It is way too much. I found myself trying to level up professions then actually playing to level. It just takes too long and I get bored. Then you get a quest and find people to do it. You die during the process they finish and guess what. You have to do it all over again. I had to stay dead till the guy is defeated then I would have gotten the quest. You know what. Screw that. Maybe if WoW would create servers that you double or quad the XP as the normal servers. Do not get me wrong I really like MMORPG’s but they need to make them so you need to have no live to be able to play them.

Heck maybe they should let people use a BOT to play for you. This way with people who have lives can let the bot play for you and when you are ready to play you can stop it and continue where it left off. I know if I was a kid who lived at home this game would be no issue. But I do not live and home and I have a job with a wife and kids. I still play games but I do not have that much time to play. So for now I will quit and maybe some day I will go back. Who knows maybe I will find a better game.

Buying Game Gold

While playing World of Warcraft you will sometime get these spam messages about buying gold. There are websites out there that you can pay real money for game gold. Now that to me takes out all the fun of playing a game. Plus the biggest reason is that it is illegal. Now I can understand the reason behind this but I think it just makes the game boring. I would link to some example sites but I just think that this would benefit the company more.

Would you pay $137.00 for 10,000 gold? Yes that is right there are website that charge even more. Buying gold for games goes past WoW. You see it in games like Guild Wars , Age of Conan ,Warhammer , etc… Do I think that buying gold in games should be illegal? I say no. I understand that some people do not want to waste time killing, farming, or selling to make money.

In conclusion, there is ways to gain gold in fantasy land but it will cost you in your real wallet. Play the game and make the money the real way.

Uncharted Drake’s Fortune

Yesterday a friend of mine let me borrow a games for the Playstation 3 called Uncharted Drake’s Fortune . Now I do realize that this game is not new but I will tell you my opinion about it has changed. When I first looked at this game I thought that this was Tomb Raider rebuilt. Well it kinda is but the graphics are better and so is the game play. I have not gotten far in the game but it is good as of now.

Controls are not that bad. I thought it was going to be tuff. Camera angles are pretty good but sometimes they are not that good. If you have not played this game it would be a good pickup or even a rental.