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Done With World of Warcraft

That is it. I am just dam tired of this game. I just went to WoW site and cancelled my service. Now this is not for the money. Please $15 USD is fine. What gets me is the time you have to invest in this game. It is way too much. I found myself trying to level up professions then actually playing to level. It just takes too long and I get bored. Then you get a quest and find people to do it. You die during the process they finish and guess what. You have to do it all over again. I had to stay dead till the guy is defeated then I would have gotten the quest. You know what. Screw that. Maybe if WoW would create servers that you double or quad the XP as the normal servers. Do not get me wrong I really like MMORPG’s but they need to make them so you need to have no live to be able to play them.

Heck maybe they should let people use a BOT to play for you. This way with people who have lives can let the bot play for you and when you are ready to play you can stop it and continue where it left off. I know if I was a kid who lived at home this game would be no issue. But I do not live and home and I have a job with a wife and kids. I still play games but I do not have that much time to play. So for now I will quit and maybe some day I will go back. Who knows maybe I will find a better game.

New Programming Language

So I have been thinking that it may be time for me to learn another programming language. I have thought for some time now and since I have switched to Mac I think it might be cool to program apps for it. I know what would I program? What would I get from learning it. Then I though what about Linux applications. I work in an environment that uses Linux computers. My knowledge of GUI programming is very slim. I took VB a long time ago. Lastly I thought about iPhone programming. The only issue here is that I would have to apply and pay for a developers kit and hope Apple would give it to me.

So this is what I ponder. What will I do. Do you guys have any thoughts?


At work today a colleague and I were talking about software for web development. He then asked me about an application called Aptana . I have heard about and tried it in the past. In the past I did not like it. I felt that it was too heavy for me at the time. I should explain back when I tried this I just did HTML work and nothing else. Now I do things like XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, BASH, and Flash. So now this IDE suite is something that I could really use.

Basically if you are a type that hits many programming languages this app is for you. If you have multiple websites that you manage then this app would be for you. They make many plugins for this suite that it is well worth it. Now before I started to use this I was a hugh fan of Adobe Dreamweaver . If anyone would try to tell me different I would tell them that they are nuts.
Now an app like Dreamweaver costs around $350.00 USD. Aptana is free but you can buy the professional version which gives you some more advance features. That would cost you $99.99 USD. I will give Aptana credit cause they do not cripple the free version like some others do. This app will run in Mac, Linux, and Windows. In the next day or two I am planning on making a tutorial on this app to give you a tour of it.

Mobile Me

One of the things I looked at when I bought my first Mac, was Mobile Me . This is a service from Apple that helps you out. Are you the type of person with multiple computers? Or what about an iPhone/iPod Touch? If so then Mobile Me is for you. The feature I use the most is the contact and Calendar synchronized. So if I add a calendar event on my iPod Touch and go to my iMac, the event is there. If I edit it there and go to my iPod it is updated there. The sync is pretty instant. Only requirement is everything needs to be online. So both computers need to be online. If they are not they will not get the update till it does go online. This service is not limited to just Macs.

Now Mobile Me does more than just contacts and calendar events. It also works with emails, bookmarks, and even setups up a remote storage center. You can use this to get files while away from home. The last feature that you get with this is free web space with picture gallery support. With the gallery support if you own a Mac will allow you to upload your albums right from iPhoto . Now that is convenience.

As far as price it is $99.99 USD for the year. This needs to be paid up front and needs to be renewed every year. Now if you look and your typical hosting accounts it is almost $10.00 USD a month. So it is not too expensive but well worth it. It was great when I reformatted my Mac. Once the OS was installed Mobile Me downloaded to my computer, e-mail, contacts, calendar, and bookmarks. I could even go into iPhoto and pull my albums down from the cloud. Overall it is worth getting and you should not go with out it.


Well I have been looking at an application for the Mac call Xcode . With this application you can create applications for the Mac and the iPhone/iPod Touch. There might be more but at this time I am not aware since I am just starting. So the reason I want to get into this is cause I think it would be cool to make some of my webpages an app that can go on the iPhone or a my Macs. So I will post a part 2 of this with more information.

If anyone has any tips or good sites that can help me with this please post a comment. Thanks.

iPhone vs iPod Touch

So let me start of to say that I am an owner of the iPod Touch. Now I am going to be honest here and have played a little with the iPhone. So if I miss something please let me know. When I show people my iPod Touch the first thing they say is that the iPhone? I answer no and of course I get the response what is the difference. I respond with one can make calls anywhere and the other need WiFi. I think that this is the biggest difference between the two. Of course there are other differences. The iPhone has GPS in it where the touch does not. There was a difference of a speaker but that has changed with the new version of the iPod Touch. So you ask why not just get the iPhone since it sounds better. The main reason I do not own an iPhone is due to the monthly cost to own it. The e-mails I get are just not worth it. Yes it would be nice to be able to carry one device but the amount of money I would spend it is just not worth it. Now if I did get the e-mails that I needed instantly then yes I would choose the iPhone. To me GPS is not needed. I own a GPS unit for the car so I do not need the phone. Camera is another thing the iPhone has but I only use a camera to take a picture or two of the baby but that is it. Other than that I use a digital camera. So to wrap this up if you have money for the monthly fee then take the iPhone. If not the iPod Touch will do what you need when on the WiFi connection.

Kindle on iPhone/iPod Touch

So a few months ago my friend showed me Amazon’s kindle . This non-colored display was used to read books. I kinda thought it was stupid due to you cannot read at night. So I dismissed it as useless.

Well then I came across a free app on the app store for my iPod Touch called Kindle. This application made it possible to make your iPhone/Touch into a kindle. So now I can go toAmazon’s Kindle store and buy books and have them sent to my Touch. What made this better was due to I could read books in the dark cause the iPod Touch has a backlight. Yes I love to lay on my couch or bed at night before I fall asleep and read. The problem is with me being married I have a wife going to sleep next to me. So I cannot easily turn a light on and read.
What makes either the Kindle or the iPod Touch app so priceless is that you can have multiple books with you anywhere you go and not have to have them in a book bag. I mean some of these books are so hugh it would be hard to carry them around all day everyday. So the question is if I had to choose what to buy between the iPhone/iPod Touch or the Kindle; which would it be. I say the iPhone/iPod Touch due to more capabilities of the device. The debate between the iPhone VS the the iPod Touch is another blog post. So go check out more information on Amazon’s site about the Kindle’s books. They are cheap.

Buying Game Gold

While playing World of Warcraft you will sometime get these spam messages about buying gold. There are websites out there that you can pay real money for game gold. Now that to me takes out all the fun of playing a game. Plus the biggest reason is that it is illegal. Now I can understand the reason behind this but I think it just makes the game boring. I would link to some example sites but I just think that this would benefit the company more.

Would you pay $137.00 for 10,000 gold? Yes that is right there are website that charge even more. Buying gold for games goes past WoW. You see it in games like Guild Wars , Age of Conan ,Warhammer , etc… Do I think that buying gold in games should be illegal? I say no. I understand that some people do not want to waste time killing, farming, or selling to make money.

In conclusion, there is ways to gain gold in fantasy land but it will cost you in your real wallet. Play the game and make the money the real way.