Vim in VS Code

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I know that this is not a new add on or anything like that, but man did I misjudge the power of this Vim add on. For the longest time I thought that all this did was just allow you to was move around with h,j,k,l. Man, was I totally wrong and I apologize to the author of this add on.

When you typically use vim, you have your vimrc/init.vim to have your settings and plugins that you will use to help you in your day to day. In vim I loved being able to do ,, to save my file that I was working on.

  "vim.normalModeKeyBindings": [
      "before": ["<leader>", "<leader>"],
      "commands": [ 

So as you can see, we can add keymaps to when we are in normal mode. There is support for keymaps when in visual mode as well. I could go on about other mappings, but I will just embed my gist that I have of my settings file for VS Code.

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