Author: jrock2004

Buying Game Gold

While playing World of Warcraft you will sometime get these spam messages about buying gold. There are websites out there that you can pay real money for game gold. Now that to me takes out all the fun of playing a game. Plus the biggest reason is that it is illegal. Now I can understand

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Mother’s Day

So sitting here as my wife is celebrating her first mothers, I was curious what is the true meaning of Mother’s Day. I am thinking this cause it appears that Mother’s Day is the day that the husband has to be a slave to his wife. You buy them a gift or 2. So I

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A fellow colleague told me about an application that he was told was a must. CSSH is an application that allows you to send a command to multiple computers. So lets say you have to update multiple linux/unix computers to update for work or home. If these computers are running SSH server you can use

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