Switching to Octopress

I have decided to leave the world of WordPress, for the world of Octopress . I will have some tutorials on this blogging framework but there are some reasons I made this change. I think the biggest reason I changes was Octopress does not use a database. To me that is just a great performance boost. The application comes with some nice plugins like twitter, Github, and Google+.

Using one command like rake deploy, and it automatically pushes the compiled static content to my web server with 1and1 via rsync. I no longer have to login to an admin panel and use a bloated tool like WordPress has. I can open vim or TextMate and start writing my post using Markdown. So go try it out. I think you guys and gals will love it.

Passing of Steve Jobs

As many bloggers have already done, we have lost someone this past week that was dear to a lot of Mac fanboys. He will be missed but I am sure he was working on his successor for a long time. I wonder how many people added to their Netflix queue, “Pirates of Silicon Valley”? As I am sure everything in that movie had some things that did not happen, Steve gained my respect. So good luck Steve to where ever the road takes you. Good bye.

Partner Program YouTube

Well I thought I would write this quick blog post to let my readers know that I am now a partner on YouTube . There are many benefits to be accepted into this program but the most exciting one for me is I can post videos that are over 10 minutes. I feel a lot better now.
Let me thank you the readers for your support cause without you guys I could not have gotten this. Thank you.

New Site Design

So with me the past few days learning jQuery, I thought I would redesign my site again. This time I have used jQuery in a few places to showcase some of my new things that I have learned. My twitter feed on the right sidebar is being loaded by jQuery. On the bottom of the page you see the link that says back to top, that link when click will slowly slide you back to the top of the page instead of just reloading the whole page. Even after this post I will still be adding more to it. In the next few days I am hoping to write a tutorial on the basics of jQuery. So keep an eye out for that.

Sorry for Being Inactive

I am sorry for the people that do follow my blog here that I have not been active lately. I have started a new job that has been taking all my time and have just been too tired. I will be working on some more selenium and some jQuery tutorials.

Site Re-design

For the next few weeks I will be working on a new WordPress theme. I will post when it is complete so please do not judge my themes till I get it at 100% I was thinking that I might setup a test environment to test on since WordPress really does not have a tool to check your theme before you make it live.

I guess if anyone has an opinion on how to test a theme before making it live then post a comment or hit me up on twitter @jrock2004

NAS Server. Should I or Should I Not

For the people who do not know what NAS stands for, it stands for Network-attached Storage. Do you have an old computer that is just sitting there collecting dust? I for one when I bought my iMac and MacBook my Dell became a dust collector. So one day I decided I needed to set something up to backup my files. I know I could have burnt stuff to DVD or buy an external hard drive to store them on.

Now for the Mac I could use a portable HD to setup Time Machine . Now my concern with Time Machine is that as far as I know you can only use it for one computer. Now I have not researched it so I could be wrong. With the external if you do run multiple operating systems like Linux or Windows then you have to worry about how you format your HD. Also if you buy a portable that needs a power source then I need to fiddle behind my desk to plug in the power adapter for the HD. What a mess I’ll tell ya.
Now if you have the luxury of having a dual layer burner you could burn all your backup data. Now I will tell you that data that does not change I still put to DVD but why waste it all for stuff that changes. You then need to setup databases or spreadsheets on what stuff is on what DVD or CD. I do not know about you but I would not want to worry about all that stuff.

So this brings me to setting up a NAS server. All you need is a computer with a decent size hard drive and if you want to hide it a wireless card. The other option here is buying a time capsulecause that is basically a NAS server. So if you decide the old computer you then have 2 choices for the OS that I would use. One is FreeNAS which is based off FreeBSD and the other would be Ubuntu. I basically chose Ubuntu cause I can run other things off it like a web server and set it up as a puppet master for some of my virtual machines.
So what are you going to choose? Do you have any opinions on what you think about storage backups? Post a comment and let us know what you believe the is the best backup solution.