Setting Up Blogofile

Blogofile is a simple blogging engine that brings something nice without the use of a database. I have been testing this out and I am starting to like this. I have even been thinking of replacing it with this. I am really enjoying this framework. Go ahead and watch this video below. After the video I will post the step by step instructions just in case you do not want to watch how to do it.


Moving Your SVN Repo

One of the things that I sometimes have to do is move an SVN repo to another server or you just want to back it up. This tutorial will show you how to do this.

svnadmin dump /pathToYourRepo > reponame_dump
Example: svnadmin dump /var/svn/mywebsite > mywebsite_dump

So now you want to go move this file to your new server and create your subversion repo. Make sure you use the same name as the old one. Go to folder where you uploaded your dump file to and do the following:

svnadmin load /pathToYourRepo < reponame_dump
Example: svnadmin dump /var/svn/mywebsite < mywebsite_dump

So there you go. In this tutorial I did not include setting up the subversion server cause I made the assumption you know how to do this since you already have an SVN repo setup.

Zenoss MySQL Database

One of the things I never understood after installing Zenoss, was where is this mysql database. I found out that with Zenoss it sets up it’s own MySQL server and it is even smart to put it on a different port. So lets say you want to access this database and see what it looks like. This can be done by doing the following:

su zenoss
mysql -u zenoss -p

Just enter the password for your zenoss database and then you can have access to the MySQL server. Hope this helps out someone.

Zenoss Local Templates

One of the coolest things I learned today was about creating local templates for specific devices. So lets say you have 5 Linux boxes and and only 2 are running apache. I do not need to graph apache stuff on my 3 other boxes. So I go into the device that I want to have its own version of the template and click on the down arrow and go to more. Then click on templates. You will now see all the templates that are bound to the device class. The one that you want to change to the specific device click on Create local copy. Now you can edit that template and it will only make changes for that device. I am telling you that Zenoss is just a great piece of software.

Zenoss Training

Today I went to a Zenoss training in Baltimore MD. This is a training that usually costs around $1500 USD to attend. They are offering this one day training session for free. As soon as I heard this I said where do you sign me up. Of course I have a 2 hour drive in rush hour to get to inner harbor but I will tell you it is worth it. So I thought I would share some highlights and my thoughts about how this training went.

Well according to Google Maps , it would take me about an hour and half. With traffic believe it or not it only took about 2 hours. The hotel was easy to find and parking was not expensive at all.

Training Itself
Well lets get to the reason why you are reading this blog post. I really liked this training. The slide show presentation was done well. It started off by explaining the backend and how Zenoss works. Then they got into each section and explain how they work. I did feel it went a little fast but we only had so many things to cover is such a little time. There were a few questions which kinda took us off course, but the trainers got it back on track really fast.
The only con I had from the whole thing was the amount of time we had. Due to this we really could not drill down on certain things. The trainers did a great job in explaining the basic to give you the idea on how it works. I am very interested in possibly taken the paid training. Honestly if you have an opportunity to attend one of these you should. It is worth the traveling time and any feels involved.

When I got there they had a bag of gifts to give everyone. I got a 4GB pen drive, a pen, Zenoss sticker, Zebra stress toy, and a Zenoss shirt. They also provided a great lunch. Thanks again to Zenoss team. Take a look at their website for more information on the product.