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Setting up a new computer can be a tedious and tiresome process. I am not the person that has an exact image of my machine, so when things go wrong I just load that image. I would never have something like that because when I am ready to re-install, I want to start as clean as possible.

At some point I went ahead and starting backing up my dotfiles in Github. This starting to make things easier but it was still a problem. I still had to install all the apps I needed to do things. Then the problem was, what and how do I install these things again. So then I watched a video by another developer by the name of Nick Nisi. He built a script to not only get his dotfiles but also it started moving things to where they need to be. Take a look at the video below where I talk a little more about this topic. You can view my current dotfiles here.

Elementary OS

So some of my Twitter followers have started to talk up, using a Linux OS called ElementaryOS. Its suppose to give you the look and feel of OSX. So after some many tweets, I have decided to install this in Virtualbox and give this a look over to see if its possible to replace my Windows/Mac environment. I have used Linux before, mostly and Arch/Ubuntu guy. So lets dig in and talk about some of things I liked and disliked.


As soon as the GUI came up for the installer I could feel the Ubuntu. Now there is nothing wrong with this at all. The install went very smooth and had no issues going through it

Playing Around

Got to say after logging in, I really liked the look. You can instantly tell that this is a nicely themed Gnome desktop manager. I love the keyboard remapping to open the application menu to Win key + spacebar. The dock at the bottom makes it look like a Mac desktop


I really like the font and theme of the terminal application.

A picture of the terminal on Elementary OS
A nice transparent terminal with nice looking fonts

The Ugly

So there were some ugly things that came up The performance in Virtualbox was not good at all. Maybe this OS is just destine to not be virtualized.

The Verdict

I want to install this as a main OS and try to drive this and see how it goes. It has potential but really want to see how it works when you have a retina and non-retina display. That has been my biggest issue with all Linux distro. The support for multiple different DPI screens is a challenge to work with

Got my archives back


So I finally converted all my posts and they are back into WordPress. So now you are probably asking yourself, what is next? Is this site going to go dormant again? The answer is, no I am not going dormant again. Here is the list of things on my TODO list

  1. Find a better temp theme
  2. Add some WordPress plugins to enhance the experience
  3. Build my own theme because, well, I am a web dev and I should have my own made theme
  4. Make some more tutorials on web development


As an automation developer, I have learned how to write code in Java. When I am having an issue, one of the nice things that you can do is debug your code, line by line. For the longest I had wished that something like this existed in PHP. I have come to find out that you can actually debug code, like I do in Java. This is such a helpful task because I do not have to waste time using var_dump and such on variables or results. In your apache/php server you need to install and or enable something called Xdebug . I will work on a tutorial on how to use xdebug while writing code in Sublime Text 2. So keep an eye out on my blog and or YouTube channel for this tutorial.

Bought an Android Phone

I finally took the plunge and converted from iPhone to Android. I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S3. I guess buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has made me make the change. It could also be due to the changes that are rumored for the iPhone 5. I have owned it for few days and so far I am liking it. In the following weeks I would like to post on how I am doing things that I use to do with my iPhone. I have read a few of these blog posts, but I am sure some would love to hear my perspective.

Terminal IDE for Android

I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and I am loving it. So since I am new I have been looking around for some good apps to use. I think I found one in an app called Terminal IDE . This application brings a developmenting environment with Git support that I can do some web development work with it. I am not going to say I can replace my desktop or a laptop, but you can do some quick fixes with it. A good accessory to get with it is the Logitech bluetooth keyboard . You will have to let me know in the comments below on what you think about this nice application.

Web Development on Android

One of my latest purchases was an Android Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. Unfortunately I have to get a replacement but it happens. So getting back on track I am new to an Android device. I found a great app on the Google Play Store, called Terminal IDE . This app brings you access to the terminal and you have some nice commands to work with. A few to name is, Git, VIM, find, etc… Once I get my tablet back I will do a video demo to show it off.