John Costanzo


One of the things that people talk about in the computer world is password strength. They talk about how you should not use the same passwords for everything. They say you should not use your kids names, date of birth, social security number, etc… Some people I know make 2 passwords. They make a real tough one for important sites like banking and credit cards. They use the other one for sites they do not care about like forums.

I came across this nice piece of software called 1Password. What this software does is it makes an encrypted database to store all your passwords. It then will integrate itself into Safari and Firefox. When you install the software you make a master password. This password is something that you want to make pretty difficult so nobody can guess it. Now I will not go into more detailed since there are already a bunch of videos and stuff about this. Below is a video from the company that developed the software. Watch it and I think you might like the software as well.