John Costanzo

What I Use

Editor + Terminal + Fonts

  • Neovim is the main editor I use on a daily basis.
  • Visual Studio Code every once in awhile or if I have merge conflicts I will use it.
  • WezTerm is the terminal emulator I use.
  • Geist font is the font I use in my editor and terminal.

Desktop Apps

  • I use Raycast everyday to open my apps that I am going to use. I use it as my calculator as well when I need to do math.
  • For a password manager I use 1Password.
  • My main browser I use is Safari, but I have Firefox and Chrome installed to do cross browser testing and when I need a special dev tools utility that does not work in Safari
  • My markdown editor that I use to take notes for work and other things is called Drafts.
  • I am not huge when it comes to journaling but when I do, I go to Day One.

Desk Setup