John Costanzo


Well I have been in search for a great text editor for my Mac and I might have found one. I have tried demos of BBEdit, Text Wrangler, and TextMate. These were ok editors but I really like an application called Coda. This app has what every web developer / IT guy needs. Basically this application gives you several options in one application. If you are like me I so a lot of SSH work and have to open up the terminal and or putty. With Coda you can click on the Terminal tab and you can SSH into your server of need. Are you the type that you do not really like CSS and do not want to understand it? Well with the CSS tab you can add CSS styles the way Dreamweaver does it. It is self explaining and makes it easier. Now I do not use this function myself but it is very friendly. The last thing I need to discuss is the sites section. This will let you setup site folders for easy site management. I really like this feature. I do not use it cause I personally put everything in an SVN but it is a nice one. For more information visit their site.