John Costanzo


A fellow colleague told me about an application that he was told was a must. CSSH is an application that allows you to send a command to multiple computers. So lets say you have to update multiple linux/unix computers to update for work or home. If these computers are running SSH server you can use CSSH. You need to be running X Windows for this application to work. Basically you install CSSH on one of the computers then you can run the following command from the terminal.

$ cssh root@ root@ root@

So let me put this in an example just in case I am not being understood. Lets say you hve 10 computer running Ubuntu. Using CSSH you can send apt-get update and apt-get upgrade to all 10 computers at once. This saves you from having to type that command in 10 different terminal windows.


cssh root@ root@ root@