John Costanzo

Done With World of Warcraft

That is it. I am just dam tired of this game. I just went to WoW site and cancelled my service. Now this is not for the money. Please $15 USD is fine. What gets me is the time you have to invest in this game. It is way too much. I found myself trying to level up professions then actually playing to level. It just takes too long and I get bored. Then you get a quest and find people to do it. You die during the process they finish and guess what. You have to do it all over again. I had to stay dead till the guy is defeated then I would have gotten the quest. You know what. Screw that. Maybe if WoW would create servers that you double or quad the XP as the normal servers. Do not get me wrong I really like MMORPG’s but they need to make them so you need to have no live to be able to play them.

Heck maybe they should let people use a BOT to play for you. This way with people who have lives can let the bot play for you and when you are ready to play you can stop it and continue where it left off. I know if I was a kid who lived at home this game would be no issue. But I do not live and home and I have a job with a wife and kids. I still play games but I do not have that much time to play. So for now I will quit and maybe some day I will go back. Who knows maybe I will find a better game.