John Costanzo

M1 Mac Reinstall

So as I always like to do every once in awhile, I decided to re-install my M1 Mac Mini and oh man the troubles I had were just ridiculous.

Example of the error I see

Need Internet Access to Create Local Account

So the first problem I had was it seems like you need internet access to create a local account. It would just get stuck in loading and then failing. I tried reinstalled 5 times and had the same issue, everytime. When I would even just try again, it told me that the username already existed. 😩

I called up tech support and they told me, well get another mac so you can connect the two of them to reset the broken one. Are you kidding me? I have to now have 2 macs if something goes wrong? This needs to be fixed as that is just unacceptable.

I mean if the terminal in recovery mode had the linux/unix app passwd, I could of just reset the password. I guess they cannot include that to avoid, if your computer is stolen, people could not get into your account. Just very frustrating