John Costanzo

Office Upgrade

Office Upgrade

So, when I moved into our new house 3 yrs ago, my only requirement was I have my own office. In my last house I was stuck in the basement. When I made videos, I would get the jokes about living in my moms basement. As you can see, all the cords where just all over the place. It was just so bad.

Nightmare Cable Management

So after I had some back problems, I tied my hand at a standing desk at work. It was nice to have as it helped when my back go stiff. Then I started to work from home more often and at home I do not have one. So I decided it was time to get one. I ordered it and then I decided to re-arrange the office.

Standing Desk

So not only did I get an motor operated one, I also decided it was time to hide the cables as well. So now its nicely tied and tucked away.