John Costanzo

Screen Recording Mac OS

So I am seeing that it is time that I have to get a screen recording software for the mac. I have been using a Ustream and that is just not working anymore. So I have been searching for a real replacement software to do this. So I am going to do a post here and feel free to post comments on your thoughts or maybe something that might be better.

So the first piece of software I was looking at was iShowU. They have 3 different versions to choose from. They have the basic version which I tested but it lacks some features. Mostly I believe is HD content stuff. The next version up which does have some HD recording possible. The last version which is the most expensive is the Pro. You can view this link to see a comparison chart. The basic version is $20 USD. The next version is $29.95 USD and the Pro version is $59.95 USD.

The next once I did pay for but was not fully happy. It is called Jing. I really liked this one but the only downfall was it limits you to only record for 5 minutes. I wish I could understand the concept on why they did this. I do not know if they really did this cause they rave about video compression without losing quality. At least that is what I was going for. They do have a free version but at the end it will show their logo. You can pay $14.95 USD and they will remove it. I did look at some others but they were just too expensive. I mean if I was making money off tutorials then I would see paying the money. Of course I am not going to illegally download any software either.