John Costanzo

Ubuntu One

So it appears that Ubuntu wants to make a service that is working off the concept of Mobile Me’s, iDisk. Ubuntu One per their site is quoted to say “Sync your files, share your work with others or work remotely, all with your Ubuntu computer.” That sounds pretty much like iDisk to me. Now is this bad that they are doing this? I do not think so. In todays world you have more than one computer usually. Back in the days it was unheard of to have more than one.

So right now it is beta and you have to sign up and hope they will allow you to test it. As of now this service will have 2 plans. One is 2GB which is free and the other is a 10GB plan for $10.00 USD. Not too bad at all. So time will tell. If I get chosen I will post an update on what I think of Ubuntu One.