John Costanzo

Using TextMate Over Eclipse?

So as doing automation as my everyday job I find myself in the Eclipse IDE all day. Now there are lots of advantages of using Eclipse but I hate that it is so slow. One day I got so frustrated that I decided to try using my favorite editor TextMate, to do my job. So I thought I would discuss both applications and what I like and disliked. Please post comments or reply to me on twitter with your comments.

Eclipse This is a very popular tool that a lot over developers use for Java programming. It has a lot of features to autocomplete method names. Code refactoring is another nice tool that it has. If you are working with Maven and TestNG it is also supported as well. The two biggest issues with Eclipse is that it is slow and a big resource hog. Other than that it is not that bad.

TextMate This is a popular text editor for the Mac. With its bundle support it is a very nice tool to use. TextMate does have bundles that cover Maven and some TestNG. The issues that I come up with is that autocomplete is limited in TextMate. If I am referencing a page object and I want to call a method of that page object, there is no autocomplete for that. This is the biggest reason why I have trouble using TextMate as my editor for Selenium code. I like TextMate cause it is small and is not a resource hog.Again if I am missing something with TextMate, please let me know. I would love to be able to get rid of Eclipse all together.