John Costanzo

Buying Game Gold

While playing World of Warcraft you will sometime get these spam messages about buying gold. There are websites out there that you can pay real money for game gold. Now that to me takes out all the fun of playing a game. Plus the biggest reason is that it is illegal. Now I can understand the reason behind this but I think it just makes the game boring. I would link to some example sites but I just think that this would benefit the company more.

Would you pay $137.00 for 10,000 gold? Yes that is right there are website that charge even more. Buying gold for games goes past WoW. You see it in games like Guild Wars, Age of Conan, Warhammer, etc… Do I think that buying gold in games should be illegal? I say no. I understand that some people do not want to waste time killing, farming, or selling to make money.

In conclusion, there is ways to gain gold in fantasy land but it will cost you in your real wallet. Play the game and make the money the real way.