John Costanzo

Kindle on iPhone/iPod Touch

So a few months ago my friend showed me Amazon’s kindle. This non-colored display was used to read books. I kinda thought it was stupid due to you cannot read at night. So I dismissed it as useless.

Well then I came across a free app on the app store for my iPod Touch called Kindle. This application made it possible to make your iPhone/Touch into a kindle. So now I can go toAmazon’s Kindle store and buy books and have them sent to my Touch. What made this better was due to I could read books in the dark cause the iPod Touch has a backlight. Yes I love to lay on my couch or bed at night before I fall asleep and read. The problem is with me being married I have a wife going to sleep next to me. So I cannot easily turn a light on and read. What makes either the Kindle or the iPod Touch app so priceless is that you can have multiple books with you anywhere you go and not have to have them in a book bag. I mean some of these books are so huge it would be hard to carry them around all day everyday. So the question is if I had to choose what to buy between the iPhone/iPod Touch or the Kindle; which would it be. I say the iPhone/iPod Touch due to more capabilities of the device. The debate between the iPhone VS the iPod Touch is another blog post. So go check out more information on Amazon’s site about the Kindle’s books. They are cheap.