John Costanzo

Email and Linux

So continuing on with my series of the question if Linux can replace it all, we are going to talk about email. For me I use e-mail at home and at work. For home I use Gmail and at work I use Exchange. So with Gmail I have nothing to worry about but with Exchange well there might be an issue. I have tried using Evolution and it is very close but it just fails when it comes to Exchange. Now maybe it has changed since I last used it but man, when I tried to bring down my exchange account it just froze up. This was running Ubuntu 10.10. Now to be honest it was running in Parallels on my Mac which might be the cause. Though I am not sure it is. I have talked about i with a few others and they have stated the same issues. So am I missing something? Is there another app that can save the day? If so please comment and or send me a tweet. t