John Costanzo

Replace Linux Everywhere

So a colleague and I have a long commute and we are always talking about Linux and technology. We listen to podcasts after podcasts and in my mind I have been thinking about something. Could I replace everything with Linux? I am talking about computers, tablets, and or cell phones. I guess first let me show you a small list of what I currently do with my computers.

  • Email
  • Browsing
  • Web/Java/Selenium Development
  • Graphic design (Small amount)
  • Media
  • Work
  • etc…

I could go on with some more but this is a good list for now. I would find it very difficult to switch from my Mac to Linux. Now I know I am pretty much using Linux but it is fine tuned and very hard to call Linux/Unix anymore. Please I am not trying to write more blogs about Mac vs Linux. I want to use these next few blog posts to possibly learn about Linux apps that might make it easier to replace other computers with Linux. So what are the people’s opinion on this? Do you think you could replace your computers, tables, and or cell phones with a Linux device? Please stay tuned to my blog as I will make posts for each bullet points I specified above.