John Costanzo


So I was thinking the other day about how I have not gotten a new PS3 game lately. I went onto EB Games to see some cool games but they are $59.99. Now the game might be worth it but I am unsure. So I go and fire up the Playstation store and download the demo. Some demos are long while others are not. So then I say ok let me go to the local Blockbuster and rent the game. So after giving them almost $10.00 I have the full game for about 5 days. Now when I was a kid this was not bad cause I had no life. LOL. I have a family so I can only play after they go to bed. So when the game gets good I have to return it o pay a fee. It is frustrating.

So I decided to sign up for a service called Gamefly. They are like Netflix but for games. So after the trial period it is $15.95 a month for the cheapest plan. You get the game and you keep it as long as you want. No worry about I have to stay up all night to play a game. Some games if you like them a lot you can buy that game for a reduced price then you pay from the game store. They have games for all the consoles, PS3, PS2, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo DS, etc… The only con I think I will run into is the more popular games might be hard to get, but heck even at a rental store you run into this problem. So I recommend signing up.