John Costanzo

SVN Client Versions

So while looking for a good SVN client the other day, I found one called Versions. This application comes with a free 21 day trial. If you want to buy the application if will cost you 39 euro’s. This is of course about 57.00 USD. I personally do not think that is a bad price to pay for this application. So let me go into some details about why this application is worth the money.

  • Layout is clean
  • Easy to use
  • Can create your own local and outside repositories
  • Easy to understand error messages
  • Timeline view

It will show you what files have been change and the comment that was posted on when the change when was done. It organizes it by date so it is easier to find things. If you are like me I have a lot of different repositories that I have to connect too. With Versions the bookmarks section is setup nicely so you can separate in a better working fashion.

Of course this tool comes with many more features such as comparing versions of a file, quick look function, inspector, etc… You can visit the companies site at I am telling you if you work with an SVN then you better get this application, it will be worth it. In the next week or so I am going to make a tutorial on how to use this application.