John Costanzo

Getting an iPhone

Well after much debate it appears that I will be getting an iPhone. Now it is not going to be the 3G or the 3GS but that is ok. So of course you want to know why am I doing this? Why when you have an iPod Touch do you want to get an iPhone? Well I am just tired of carrying two devices around. I am tired of having a cell phone and the iPod. Geez I need to get a man purse just to carry my gadgets. I want to get 1 device that does both functions.

Of course I will get some features that I currently lack with my current setup. My iPod Touch needs to have a headset plugged into it to listen to music. Now this is not bad but when I am alone I do not want to have ear buds on. Some of the applications that I have use location to find where you are. This feature is not that good in the iPod’s. Internet access almost everywhere is a plus that is nice to have. A camera on the iPhone so I can instantly upload pictures to Facebook and things. Now there is only one con with doing this and it is the cost. After purchasing the device and adding at least $30.00 to my plan is going to hurt. I mean you would think that AT&T would say since this is on our slower network you will not have to pay pas much. Well maybe someday.