John Costanzo

iPhone Ringtones

I was looking around and I thru bits of pieces of pages I found out how to make your own ringtones to use for your iPhone. Now I am not sure this is illegal cause you own the music. At least I hope you are not stealing. So open up iTunes and lets begin.

  • Find the song you want to use for a ringtone.
  • Listen to the song and find 30 seconds of it that you want to use. Write down the start and end time.
  • Right click on the song and click on get info.
  • Click on the Options tab and check the start and stop time boxes. Enter the time you wrote down and click ok.
  • Now right click on the song again and click on Create AAC Version. You should see a nw song with a 30 second time.
  • Right click on the 30 second one and click delete. You should get a prompt about keep file or delete it. Move to trash if you are on a Mac. Do not move it to the trash.
  • Now locate the song. If you are on a Mac it will be in your iTunes folder under your username. Windows users it should be in My Documents I believe.
  • You should see the filename with an ext of .m4a you need to change that to .m4r In Windows world you will need to enable to see file extensions before you will see the m4a.
  • After you renamed the extenstion you just double click it and iTunes will import it into the Ringtones Library instead of the Music Library.
  • Now go back to Get Info of the full song in the Music Library and uncheck the start and stop times.

And that is all to making your own ringtones for your iPhone. Below is a video of the process cause I realize it might be easier to see it than read it.

Now I found this cool site that has some pre-made ringtones. Take look at the site