John Costanzo

iPod Touch 3.0 Is Out

Well on the 17th of this month the software was released for the new iPod Touch software. Now this review is geared towards the 1st generation version of the iPod Touch. Now of course you guys know that we don’t have the bluetooth technology or the microphone capabilities. So what do we actually get with this new software? Is it worth the $10.00?

Spotlight I say yes you should get the update. Lets talk about the features that you get that I see is worth it. The first thing I like is the spotlight integration. Its just like my Mac. I can type an application name to a word in an email. I can type a subject of a calendar event. This saves me time because I have multiple pages of applications or hundreds of emails.

Buy Movies I am not sure if everyone is doing this but I love to buy my movies from iTunes. I think that feature is just great. Now thru your iPod Touch you can get those movies right from the device.

YouTube Login I create and view many videos on YouTube. I have my list of favorite videos that I like to watch. Now thru my device I can see those and not have to search for them. There are other features that the device does but they are not major to me. If you want to see a complete list, see that on Apple site.