John Costanzo

NCAA 2010 Demo

So the other day I downloaded the demo of NCAA 2010 for the Playstation 3. Now I have not played a college football game in a very long time. I never liked that there was no player names. I realize that this is due to having to pay players for rights of the name. So enough of this lets get to the review. Basically with the demo they give you 4 quarters with 2 minutes each to either play as Florida or Oklahoma. When you start the game and you do the coin toss your are presented with an option on how you want to play. What I mean is you get to specify the type of call playing you are going to do for the series. The options you can choose from is aggressive, balanced, or conservative. You are prompted at the beginning of your series on offense or after a timeout is called. I think that this feature has changed the way to use timeouts. I remember for the longest time that all I used timeouts for was to stop the clock. Well I now have a different reason. My gameplan does not work and it needs to change. I like the assortment of plays to choose from. I think they are different from when you play a game like Madden. the gameplay is very evened out. It is not too hard to run or pass but it is not easy either. Defense is not too hard. It is not easy to intercept but man you can strip the ball very well. So lets get to the downfall of the game. You cannot intercept the ball. I mean even college guys who get the ball right in there hand intercept the ball. The crowd looks like a Nintendo crowd. EA really needs to get with that and fix it. The auto play calling, calls the same plays over and over again. There needs to be diversity here. Other than that it is a good college football game.